Australian Video Art Archive

Barbara Campbell



The Midday Movie and the History of Australian Painting

00:04:50 1997, 2002

Channel 7’s Midday Movie was broadcast into the performance space where Campbell reclined with her head in a large woven basket by the artist, Paul Saint.

Fresh Glories

00:07:02 1997

Two sets of “portraits” were created over the eight day sitting period of Australia’s House of Representatives.


00:03:07 1999, 2000, and 2002

Only visible under low light conditions, this part-cycad, part-homo sapient specimen fluoresced while reclining on a chaise lounge during a one hour public viewing session.

Cries from the tower

00:08:46 1992, 1995

The physical focus of the work was the skirt made from a sixty metre length of ribbon onto which Campbell had hand-embroidered in three languages a letter attributed to Mary Queen of Scots used to implicate her in the murder of her second husband.