Australian Videro Art Archive

Bonita Ely


World Wild Life Documentary: Life in a Day

00:34:11 2006

In my videos combining real time and time lapse footage, for example World Wild Life Documentary: Life in a Day, we can see what actually happens throughout a particular day within a framing of a particular natural environment. The footage in Life in a Day of the seascape at Bithry Inlet on the South Coast of New South Wales begins before dawn, in pitch darkness, in a sequence of thirty seconds of ‘real time’ footage shot every fifteen minutes throughout the day until after sunset, when the night is pitch black again.

Additionally, World Wild Life Documentary: Life in a Day is composed of inter cut footage taken at equivalent times — thirty seconds every fifteen minutes — of the daily activities of the artist and her friends at Bithry Inlet. The video tracks contrasting glimpses of the human context, whizzing around in cars, eating, mucking about, looking, playing, socializing, against the majestic backdrop of the sea as it reveals itself throughout the course of a whole day.

World Wild Life Documentary: Life in a Day was shown in The Cleveland Street Project, a group exhibition to mark the passing of Cleveland Street, Redfern, as the location of Performance Space. Here video, drawing and assemblage were exhibited as equivalent time based mediums in an installation.

Camera: Bonita Ely.
Editing: Jamil Yamani and Bonita Ely.

DVD available.