Australian Video Art Archive

Derek Kreckler


Flash in the Pan

00:03:17 2006

Flash in the Pan is built of small moments and actions. I was thinking about Bruce Nauman’s comment, “Self exposure does not make good art”, which is interesting to think about when you’re working on a self-portrait. I understand him to mean that the desire to express is not in itself sufficient to produce a work of art, and perhaps, that the artist is also the product of his work.

The portrait appears to show me ‘dancing’, however I am not. There are two levels here; the first and most obvious is that I can’t dance. The second is that the movement is actually a series of captured still frames. The video recorder was set to record two frames every second and connected to a television, which enabled me to see myself make each pose. When I played the video I saw myself ‘dancing’. The Country and Western music is a homage to Nauman.

DVD available ONLY for scholarly research.