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Gary Willis



‘…and the Leopard Looked like ME!’ – Play for You

00:25:00 1979-1981

The objective of the video was not to film a live performance, but to present the mythic structure of the work’s original conception as a video experience. 

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Is this what you call Love?

00:07:51 1979

Is This What You Call Love? is a series of 6 x thirty-second television spots produced to be set into the advertising breaks during a late night romance movie on commercial television (unannounced).

Holy Word

00:04:07 1980

Holy Word sets up a semiotic slide, between image and text, between a kiss and a poem.


00:01:21 1980

This 1 min 21 second Neo-Pop promotional video was originally produced to raise funding for the larger 'TE VE VU DU' - a project for public television.

Strategies for Goodbye

00:07:30 1981

Strategies for Goodbye was originally written as a critique of the conditions facing contemporary art production in 1980.

TE VE VU DU: A project for public television


The original objective of the 'TE VE VU DU' project was to bring the images and stories of those who have fallen from grace, back into the public arena.

Diary of a Dead Beat Modern Art Type: Gary Willis 1972-1982

Paperback book 2000

"Arguably the most important and detailed record of '70s art that has been written. Hopefully it will encourage other artists to write the record of their own practices, as substantially."
Terry Whelan - Private archivist of Australian Art, Melbourne.