Australian Video Art Archive

Linda Dement


In My Gash


She had a bad childhood. For a while they thought her mad. She got sent to jail for nothing. Much. It only made her worse. She turned to drugs and murdered men. Fell again again into the black hole of despair.

This is the story of Lying Ugly Mess Bitch. These are the insides of Lying Ugly Mess Bitch.

“Dement's 3D animated renderings of gashes seemingly offer up representations of the mysterious leap from the physical to the psychical, from the outside to the inside, from the beautiful to the grotesque, that straddle our understanding of gender relations.
- MUNSTER, Anna, ‘Linda Dement: In My Gash’. Photofile, No 60 (2000), p 61.

The CD ROM In My Gash takes you into the flesh of a depressed and dangerous girl, drug fucked and damaged. Four wounds are entrances to the nightmare interior where the stories and horrors of bodily memories emerge under the cursor on screen. Each gash leads to the black hole of despair where soundloops and suicide circle endlessly.

Cinematography: Jane Castle.
Art Direction: Jasmine Hirst.
Sound Recording: Linda Murdoch.
Performers: Paul Andrew, Dianna Carr, Jasmine Hirst, Helen Rose-Schausburger, Scott Williams.

Produced in association with the Australian Film Commission in conjunction with a residency in the Digital Media Department of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

CD ROM for Macintosh computer with, as minimum, 24 bit colour, 44 kHz 16 bit sound and 12mb available RAM.

CD-ROM available.