Australian Video Art Archive

Warren Burt


17 Pieces for Adelaide

00:52:00 2006

This suite of 17 pieces was commissioned by Michael Yuen for Project 3, part of the 2006 Adelaide Bank Festival of the Arts. “Street Cinema” was a part of Project 3, which consisted of live and pre-recorded abstract graphic pieces projected onto Adelaide’s lively Hindley St. on weekday and weekend nights, beginning on March 10, 2006. While the original presentation filled six hours, the concert version of each piece is about 3 minutes in length – enough to show the essence of each piece. The piece was made with ArtWonk, John Dunn’s algorithmic music and graphics control package, and a set of set of public domain samples of French church organ music tunes into a 12-note scale based on Fibonacci-numbered harmonics. That is, Piece 2 is an unconventional visualizations and sonification of mathematical phenomena, Piece 10 is a fragmentation of an algorithmically generated real-time mystical concrete poem, based on a dream, and Piece 17 is a collage of found images assembled into an evolving graphic with some degree of complexity.

Thanks to John Dunn and Jamy Sheridan for software design and help with the graphics program, to Michael Yuen for commissioning this and for technical support, to Stephen and Jin Whittington, our hosts in Adelaide, and, of course, to Catherine Schieve, whose unfailing love, support and dedication made all this possible.

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