Australian Video Art Archive

Catherine E Bell



This Little Piggy...Fades To Pink

00:05:36; 00:04:55; 00:05:07 (Three channel projections) 2003

Working as a nanny in Britain for two years was an experience that subverted my understanding of motherhood and this age-old British profession. I experienced long periods of sole care while the parents went on holidays abroad.

Snow Baby

00:04:20 2003

Snow Baby poses the questions: if a pregnancy doesn’t proceed full term is the woman considered a mother? Or, if a phantom pregnancy could be simulated because the body is exhibiting all the physiological side affects, is this equivalent to the maternal state? 

Soap, Slip, Slash

00:05:00 2005

The work entitled Soap, Slip, Slash, 2005, is a perverse ritual that involves the artist shaving the belly of a pregnant friend. The title may suggest impending danger but the outcome is a knife-edge fluctuation between sinister intention and innocent fascination.

Felt is the Past Tense of Feel

00:52:12 (Two videos: static footage and close up footage) 2006

People say you are so lucky you got the chance to see your Father before he died. Am I? I think this statement is supposed to make me feel better but I would have felt luckier if I saw him die quicker.

Gorilla Girl

00:02:40 2009

This video work is influenced by Hollywood jungle films from the 1930s and 40s like Mary Kornman: Queen of the Jungle, Tarzan and King Kong, where the female lead is inevitably rescued from perilous encounters with wild animals.

Exit Stage Left

00:01:23 (Single channel dual image video/audio projection) 2009

If it is entertaining is it still art?  Is it ethical for artists to use family members in their work without permission?