Australian Video Art Archive

Judith Wright


Veil II

00:07:00 2009

By disguising the camera with a red sari with the camera held at my waist and walking the city streets, I attempted to articulate my feelings of alienation in a foreign city. The eye of the camera focused mostly on the sari, rendering the details of the street almost unreadable but occasionally, unpredictably the scene would come into focus in the way one may sometimes have a moment of insight into another culture. Veil II expands on this concept with walks in the red light district and a cathedral in Frankfurt, a food mall, a temple garden and a street procession in Narita, the camera covered with materials relevant to each site. Moving from the sacred and the profane, the corporeal to the spiritual, the tourist gaze and the consumer gaze are brought together in this work.

- Judith Wright, 2009

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