Australian Video Art Archive

Sue Dodd


The GossipPop Diet

00:21:43 2004

Compiled like a Countdown or MTV featurette, this video contains four tabloid inspired original GossipPop songs: Yoyo Diet Queens, Fears For Spears, How to Get Famous - The Cheat’s Guide and Is Paris Addicted to Love? Employing eighties style lo-fi blue screen technology and bad lip syncing the performers bounce over magazine imagery and celebrities on icy-pole sticks.

This video was originally exhibited for 2004: Australian Culture Now at the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square, Melbourne as a video projection component for the installation The GossipPop Diet.

This project was supported by the Australia Council, the Federal Government's Arts funding and advisory body.

All songs have been performed live in GossipPop performances.

Performance video backing components/Lyrics/Vocals/Performance: Sue Dodd
Audio Production/Recording/Mastering/Gameboy/Performance: Phil Dodd
Audio Recording for Is Paris Addicted To Love?/How to Get Famous - The Cheats Guide: Gus MacMillan
Camera for Is Paris Addicted to Love/How to Get Famous – The Cheat’s Guide: Jonathon Gordon
Camera/Production assistance for Fears For Spears: Kieran Boland/Scorpio Scorpio
Post Production/Editing for Fears For Spears: Kieran Boland/Stuart Partridge
Costuming for Sue Dodd and Phil Dodd for Is Paris Addicted to Love/How To Get Famous – The Cheat’s Guide : Susan Dimasi/Material-By-Product
All additional video/sound/post-production/songs by the artists
Production Studio Is Paris Addicted to Love/How To Get Famous – The Cheat’s Guide courtesy of Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces
Production Studio Yoyo Diet Queens/Fears For Spears/segue footage courtesy of Victoria University

All additional video/sound/post-production/songs/costumes by the artists

DVD available