Australian Video Art Archive

Sue Dodd



00:02:55 2005

Alluding to the visual iconography of an illicit sex tape, the performer dry humps in sync with the Gossippop song Starf**ker wearing the brown satin Calvin Klein shoes left in a Melbourne skip by a model who (allegedly) had adulterous sex with David Beckam (and subsequently sold her story to a British tabloid for 150,000 pounds).

This video was originally exhibited for Gertrude Studio Artists Exhibition for the installation Starf**ker at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces. It was displayed on a studio monitor of approximately 4inches square with the colour adjusted to a bright lime green amongst torn fluoro pink GossipPop band posters with the audio heard through headphones.

This song has been performed live in GossipPop performances.

This project was supported by the Australia Council, the Federal Government's Arts funding and advisory body.

Video/Lyrics/Vocals: Sue Dodd.
Audio Production/Recording/Mastering: Phil Dodd.

The artist would like to acknowledge the research and invaluable assistance of writer Lucinda Strahan.

DVD available.