Australian Video Art Archive

Sue Dodd



The GossipPop Diet

00:21:43 2004

Compiled like a Countdown or MTV featurette, this video contains four tabloid inspired original GossipPop songs.


00:02:55 2005

Alluding to the visual iconography of an illicit sex tape, the performer dry humps in sync with the GossipPop song Starf**ker wearing the brown satin Calvin Klein shoes left in a Melbourne skip by a model who (allegedly) had adulterous sex with David Beckam (and subsequently sold her story to a British tabloid for 150,000 pounds).

GossipPop Now

00:10:54 2005

Dressed like Leigh Bowery admiring alien thugs (in body revealing lycra and stockings over their heads) GossipPop Now performs three original and stylistically varied GossipPop songs.